The Green Initiative Committee is exploring a variety of topics and ideas that will decrease our impact on the environment, improve the health of our Patients, Faculty, Staff, and Students, as well as save money.

Some of the plans being considered and/or studied include:

  • Installation of a large recycling bin at a central location on campus. Students, Faculty, and Staff without home recycling (common at San Antonio-area apartment complexes) will be able to utilize this bin for certain recyclables.
  • Adopting a University Policy on utilizing electronic syllabus vs. paper, as well as adopting a policy on double-sided printing guidelines for printed material.
  • New vehicles purchased by the University will be fuel-efficient hybrids when practical.
  • A small pilot project has been launched whereby the University will replace some inefficient research freezers which clog the hallways with new energy-efficient models. Freezers will only be replaced if a department can consolidate their frozen materials so that 33% fewer freezers are required. The project, if successful, may be expanded and offered to additional departments. Expansion of this program to all refrigerators and freezers in Medical School and Dental School hallways could yield projected energy savings of more than $50,000 per year.
  • The University may consider ‘Green Purchasing Guidelines’. All office paper purchased may be required to contain a minimum percentage of recycled content.
  • The Task Force may adopt a set of sustainability principles that guide the University in the future. These principles may include suggested energy-efficient building code adoption for new construction.
  • The Task Force will address issues of environmentally perverse incentives (Because the University pays for electricity, labs or departments may choose to purchase less energy efficient equipment to save money, despite the fact that this will lead to a higher total cost to the institution).