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A variety of projects are already underway at UT Health Science Center. These projects include:


  • The Medical Arts and Research Center (MARC), has been reviewed by architects to yield additional energy saving changes that have been implemented to all campus buildings.
  • The SGA started the first campus-wide recycling program a few years ago. The Go Green Initiative Committee, with support from the Office of the President, added 17 new multi-use recycling bins around campus (click here for a map of recycling bin locations). Recycling for paper, cans, and bottles are available in these bins across campus. For data on the amount of recycling and waste on campus, please click here.



Environmental Health and Safety     [website]

  • UT Health Science Center at San Antonio awarded State of Texas Environmental Excellence Award
  • UT Health Science Center at San Antonio awarded San Antonio Water System (SAWS) Environmental Excellence Award
  • UT Health Science Center at San Antonio recognized as a TCEQ Clean Texas, Cleaner World Partner
  • UT Health Science Center at San Antonio awarded the Hospitals for a Healthy Environment (H2E) Partner for Change Award
  • Environmental Health and Safety, in conjunction with the Dental School, installed one of the first mercury capture systems in any dental clinic in the country. This system enables mercury to be removed from waste generated in dental clinics before it goes into the public waste system.
  • EHS has instituted a system by which labs can exchange excess chemical supplies rather than dispose of them.



Facilities Management     [website]

  • Since 2005, landscape irrigation at UT Health Science Center at San Antonio has been supplied by recycled water. This clean, but non-potable water is provided by a special water pipe from SAWS.
  • Since 2007, nearly 34 million gallons of recycled water have been used.
  • A large number of landscape areas have been xeriscaped to decrease water requirements.
  • Housekeepers are currently in the process of Green Cleaning certification.
  • 80% of all cleaning products used on campus by facilities are green certified.
  • 65% of the paper used by facilities is recycled paper.
  • Facilities recycles all metal from renovations and maintenance
  • Facilities purchased and utilize the University’s first Toyota Prius Hybrid vehicle for both on-campus activities and for commuting between campuses.
  • Facilities is replacing old gasoline service carts with Green electric-carts
  • Trees are salvaged during any new construction and are planted in new areas around campus
  • Facilities routinely install drip irrigation instead of the traditional sprinkler systems.



Information Management and Services     [website]

  • IMS continues to implement energy efficient solutions when installing new computers and other IT related equipment on all campus locations.



Printing Services    [website]

  • Printing prices have been changed to provide an incentive to print double-sided. Printing projects double-sided will cost departments significantly less than single-sided printing.



Police Department

  • The campus police department will work on a plan to phase-out a significant number of its police-cruiser use. Officers will increase foot patrols and bike patrols, which has the added benefit of improving campus security.



Help UT Health Science Center and the community become a cleaner, more environmentally friendly place. Besides making an important difference on the health of our environment, many of these ideas will save the Health Science Center money, or help you decrease your own utility bills! Are you a ‘Go-Green’ newbie? Start with the simplest and least expensive ways to go green by looking for the green circle icon . For those of you ready to take the next step, look for the intermediate blue-square symbol –- these steps might cost a few dollars or take a little more time, but utility savings generally make the payback quick!