About the Green Initiative Energy Conservation Subcommittee Go Green Committee

About the Green Initiative

The current Green Initiative is the result of cooperation between Students and the Administration. In the fall of 2007, a group of medical students noticed a few specific instances where the University could reduce waste and save money (namely turning off lights in lecture halls overnight and moving towards double-sided printing of syllabi).

The students went to the Student Government Association with a letter soliciting support and feedback on a proposal to create a committee to study resource utilization at UT Health Science Center, and to recommend strategies for improvement. With the support of approximately 600 Faculty, Staff, and Students, a letter was sent to Dr. Cigarroa asking that he create such a committee. Dr. Cigarroa asked Mr. Mike Black, executive Vice President and COO, to quickly establish a group of Faculty, Staff, and Students to begin addressing these important issues in a formal way.

The Green Initiative committee had its first meeting in June of 2008, and will soon be providing a list of recommendations to decrease the impact of our University on the environment while also saving the University money. In the meantime, Mike Black and the committee pursued several important and obvious improvements on issues like recycling and paper waste.

One of the most exciting aspects of the committee’s work so far has been discovering all the projects already in place at UT Health Science Center in specific departments or offices. Especially notable is the track record of Facilities, Environmental Health and Safety, and the Student Government Association.